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Whenever an author writes a book, he works hard and believes his  own dreams. He portraits his thoughts in the book.

But after completing the book he has to face reality of  money minded business world, where Author’s creativity is valued on the basis of revenue.

 Some authors get success and get their work published; and some choose their work published by self. But till the published work has to face tough competition  in the  book industry where every day more that 1000 books are published around the world.

‘How to get book in reader’s hand?’ the question revolves in mind of author and publisher every now and then…..

Reader choose a book well-known with enough review only because they can spare limited time and budget for reading.

On the another side Author is not sales person or marketing person who should spare his precious time  in marketing the world. Then how to compete big authors and how to get world know that you are also the valuable author?

So what to do?

Here we are….

We are probably the first book marketing and publicity company in India.

We provide various customized plan for author for book publicity.